Google calculator

Do you know that Google can be used as a calculator?

Yes, you can. Just put in your numbers and operators and click on search and you’ll get your result. Try it.

Available operators:

* multiply

+ add

– subtract

/ divide

** exponentiation


Solaris 10 and NFS

NFS Installation guide in a Solaris 10 box with linux clients.

Solaris box: blue

linux box: core9

It’s actually pretty easy:

1. Enable nfs server in the Solaris box using:

svcadm -v enable network/nfs/server

2. Edit the dfstab in /etc/dfs directory, a guide is at the beginning of the file. You can read more about share and share_nfs in the manual, but the example is good enough.

svcadm -v restart network/nfs/server to apply your modifications.

3. In your linux box, just mount the share using the mount command:

mount -t nfs blue:/path/to/nfs/share /mnt/mountpoint

4. You can automate the mount in your linux box using the /etc/fstab file.

That’s it. Enjoy!

Java Development and Netbeans

A cool IDE for a cool language

If you’re looking for a cool Java IDE, I suggest you look into netbeans ( ). It’s good for JSP/Servlet development. At the time of this writing, netbeans is at 4.0 beta 2 and there’s also a 4.1 early access preview.

Mac OS X and Oracle 10g

Install of Oracle 10g in a Mac OS X client box: Powermac G5

Installation went smooth, I just followed the quick install guide that came with the download. After installation, the only issue I saw was the isqlplus web interface, I can’t seem to login to it. After some research, I guess this is an on-going issue with a Mac OS X client install. The em web interface works fine. I guess I need more memory because a lot of paging is happening while oracle is running.

I might go and try another install on my powerbook.

Solaris 10 and Oracle 10g

My experience was overall superb. Learning curve was low so I was up and running in no time.

I have managed to play with Solaris 10 x86 and so far everything has been sweet. The installation went smooth and easy. Solaris 10 is a free operating system from Sun with paid managed subscriptions. From what I’ve seen so far, Solaris 10 is a good platform if you’re developing with Java, which I’m currently indulging myself with. Its out-of-the-box install includes Apache and JSDK 1.5 to name a few. The system management tool is really intuitive and painless. It only took me a good hour to get used to the interface. It also comes with X11 and Java Desktop System which sports a very slick UI.

After i’ve installed the OS, i went and download Oracle 10g just because I’m also learning it more at school. Installation went well with no quirks. The web interface of isqlplus is pretty much the same as 9i with a few additions. I still have to install the stand alone Apache server which is included in the companion cd. I’ll add more after i’ve done that or when time allows me.