Toys, New dev box, Mono, Postgres 8.0

The Holiday season is almost over and so is my vacation days. I will go back to work tomorrow and it’s business as usual. To recap my holiday vacation, I got quite a few toys added to my collections: my brother gave me a wireless keyboard and my beautiful girlfriend gave me an all-in-one printer which is pretty cool.

I have switched my brother’s box with the one that used to host my dns, web, and ftp servers. I have rebuilt my old dual PIII box with 1.5G of ram and installed Debian 3.1 (Sarge) in it. I will probably designate this box as my new development box. So far I have installed all the things I need for building applications. The most recent dev app I’ve installed there is Mono’s 1.1.3 installed from source. Moreover, I have just installed Postgresql’s 8.0 RC2 in it. I’ve heard there’s a lot of new goodies bundled with this release and I’d like to be one of the first to test this out, I’ve always enjoyed being in the bleeding edge when it comes to these softwares.

On a not so good note, I’m still struggling in installing Mono in my Solaris 10 x86 box. Even corresponded with one person in the list i frequent and he got the same ordeal. One day I’m gonna nail this and get it installed.

That’s it for now.


Personal Projects

I have quite a few projects lined up for my domains and I’m planning to add additional features to the existing forum that we have on Features like a friends network where people can hook up with their friends or families. People will also be able to post their photos with ease and share it with their loved ones. I’m also planning of providing free emails to my members with both domains. Also some file storage might be in the works. I’m still working on the planning stage so please bear with me as this would be a project that will be solely done by me.

I will also be working on some database framework for PHP that will work something like .Net’s System.Data’s namespace. I’m already excited on the stuff I will be implementing in the coming year. If you are interested in this project, drop me a note at webmaster at road14 dot com.


Solaris 10 and MySQL

I have finally got the time to have MySQL running on my Solaris 10 box. MySQL 4.0.15 was included in the full install of Solaris 10, all I had to do was configure it and I was querying in no time. Installing MySQL was not really on my priority list but since Dreamweaver MX only supports MySQL and not Postgresql, I had to do it. I guess the experience will help me later on. It’s a little late, well early morning and I have to type up some more code before going to bed.

Have a good one.

Mojavi :: MVC Framework for PHP

I have been a software developer using multiple languages like c# and java for quite a while now. The thing I like the most of these prominent languages is its Object-Oriented Design implementation. Both have great frameworks.

Recently, I have indulged myself with learning PHP. At first I was hesitant with it because it’s a scripting language, an interpreted one I might add. But after picking on it with my OO hat on, I came to a conclusion that PHP 5 is a good language to learn because of it’s OO implementation. Although it’s not a strongly typed language, the OO part got me at hello.

In the process of learning PHP, I have stumbled upon Mojavi. From its defintion from it’s website, what is mojavi?

Mojavi is an open-source MVC (model-view-controller) framework for PHP, licensed under the LGPL. Developing with Mojavi enables you to easily divide your web application into tiers, allowing for independent development.

I have played a bit with it and I must say that mojavi has its strenghts. The MVC implementation is so simple I was up and coding in an hour or so. If you guys are looking for ways to manage your web applications in an MVC design pattern, Mojavi is a must-experience.


When will they learn?

Today people are still falling victims to viruses and worms spreading

through emails. A new email worm called “Zafi” is spreading in the

internet masked with the subject “Happy Holidays” with an attachment.

Guess what? People are still clicking on the attachment like they

haven’t been told not to trust email from unknown sources or even from

people they know if the attachment looks suspicious. I think spreading

the information about viruses and worms should start with us, tell your

friends and families to be a little skeptical, maybe a little careful,

when it comes to attachments.

Moreover, if you use windows as your OS, make sure you’re protected

with an updated anti-virus, a firewall, a spyware protection software

and I’ve been told you also need an ad-ware protection application too.

I highly suggest you use an alternative internet browser like Firefox.

If you think this is too much work, there are some other OS you can

use. You have the option of employing Linux, BSDs, or better yet,

Apple’s Mac OS X. It’s almost a year now since I switched to OS X and

I must say it’s been really a good experience. I have always been a

*nix advocate, been using linux since the 2.0.x kernel, started out

with Redhat 5 and switched to Debian 2.0 (Hamm). I have also tried the

different derivatives of BSD’s like FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

During those times, one thing these unices have in common was the rough

edges as far as the GUI is concerned, and when I found out that Mac OS

X’s underlying platform was now based on BSD, I immediately made it a

goal to get a Mac and last year, about the same time of this year, I

got me an iBook and it had been nothing but a sweet, sweet ride.

If you have the option of buying a new computer, I highly suggests you

get yourself a Mac. I have already made one of my friends to buy one

and he’s happy with it.

Happy Holidays!

MacJournal 2.6

I have just downloaded a copy of MacJournal 2.6 from here. The UI is pretty easy to navigate and it has the ability to post to LiveJournal and I can also email my blog entry to anyone. The journal can be also exported to different formats like text, RTF, html and word formats. Another great product created for a great OS, Mac OS X, that is 🙂

Mac OS X 10.3.7 Update is out

Just like to post the Mac OS X 10.3.7 update is out. In case you haven’t noticed 🙂

Click here for my screenshot

I’ve already seen one

thing that broke with this update, it’s the process of mounting an smb

share which is actually an nfs mounted home directory.

The 10.3.7 Update delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for Mac OS X v10.3 “Panther” and is recommended for all users.

Key enhancements include:

improved AFP support for saving documents with long file names

improved OpenGL technology and updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers

improved FireWire device compatibility

updated Preview application

improved compatibility for third party applications

previous standalone security updates

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:

For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website:


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