Mac OS 10.4.1 Released

The 10.4.1 Update delivers overall improved reliability for Mac OS X v10.4 and is recommended for all users. It includes improvements for:

file sharing using AFP and SMB/CIFS network file services
using DHCP in wireless networks
user login when accessing LDAP and Active Directory servers
core graphics including updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers
synchronization with .Mac
Address Book, iCal, Font Book, Mail, and Preview applications
Dashboard widgets: Address Book, Flight Tracker, Phone Book, and World Clock
creating and burning disk images using Disk Utility
compatibility with third party applications and devices

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:

Why use a Mac?

A year has passed and I’m still sticking with my Mac. I started using a Mac when hell was just breaking loose on the Windows’ side: Adwares, spams and virii. The strongest factor that made me switch is Unix, yup, Mac OS X is Unix based.

I have been the biggest proponent of the command-line. The command-line epitomized control. It also signifies freedom. Seeing that blinking block gives me that sense of self-esteem that I’m in command. It just did.

With the release of Mac OS X Tiger, I believe now is really the time for people to start thinking about switching. Tiger gives you the flexibility to be in control of your box. Spotlight gives you the ability to search for your files buried deep in your hard drives. It not only search for filenames but goes beyond that by looking for words embedded in those files; a good example are pdf files, Spotlight looks into those pdf files to look for the words/phrases that you’ve provided.

If you’re a big fan of uptimes like myself, you’ll enjoy the uptimes Mac will provide you. I have been beating on my Powermac daily and it just keeps on chugging along. I compile projects like Mono and PostgreSQL and it just works.

You like eye-candy on your desktop? Let’s talk about Widgets, have you heard of SideKick back in the DOS days? Think about that and add adrenaline to it. That’s Widgets at your fingertips. With a click of a mouse or a keyboard shortcut (F12), you’ll be presented with a whole lot of small tools that actually does the job. Just like Dash Blog, I’m writing this article using it.

I already got my hands full with just these few reasons I’ve presented to you; there’s a bunch of other ways you can be really productive using the Mac.

Mac OS Tiger lock-ups… NOT!

I’ve just read an article about how Mac’s doesn’t need to advertise Mac OS X Tiger due to lock-ups, crashes, etc. I’ve been running my Tiger for 6 days straight now and haven’t seen any major issues like lock-ups.

PGP 9.0 worth the upgrade?

I was just looking at the pricing of PGP 9.0 and there seems to be no upgrade price for since I bought their perpetual license a year ago. No student discount either.

So to answer my own question after weighing in the benefits of PGP, i don’t think the benefits outweighs the cost so I’m not going to upgrade. I only thing I’ll be missing is the PGP sig I use on all my emails.

I can always create encrypted fs using Disk Utility.

PGP 9.0 Beta

If you’ve been using PGP 8.x and you’ve just upgraded to Tiger, you might have noticed that your PGP installation is broken. I highly suggest you upgrade to the 9.0 version which is already in the final candidate stage.

The 9.0 version sports a new look and feel. It’s integration with Mail 2.0 needs a little configuration for it to work.