Mono maintainer at

Hi guys,

I’m now officially the maintainer of Mono packages in Mono packages can be downloaded here.

What is Mono?

Mono is the .Net runtime and compiler port of Microsoft’s .Net Framework. Mono supports a lot of platforms. More info here

What is Blastwave?

Blastwave is a collective effort to create a set of binary packages of free software, that can be automatically installed to a Solaris computer (sparc or x86 based) over the network. Blastwave has a substantial build server farm for the use of the software developers and maintainers in the Solaris community. All software is built and tested in a standardized build environment using Sun ONE Studio 8 and Sun ONE Studio 10 tools as well as GC.

Manny Pacquiao made me proud

For those of you who doesn’t know who Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is, he’s the Filipino boxer who has made a name for himself by defeating Eric Morales on the 10th round of their fight on a TKO.

The fight was great from the get go. Punches were thrown by both boxers but Pacman proven himself more worthy of the title.

Congrats Manny!!!