Ghost bootable cd for tcp/ip backup

If you’re a person who owns a notebook and wanted to create a backup or image of your harddisk, Ghost is a life saver. However, most recent notebooks doesn’t come with a floppy drive installed, only a cdrom. The answer is to create a bootable cd with the necessary files needed to do the backup.

Ghost only allows you to create bootable diskette so what I did was install Ghost in a computer with a floppy drive. After I’ve created the bootable diskette with the TCP/IP option(2nd from the list) enabled I then modified the config.sys to include:

DEVICE=oakcdrom.sys /d:cd

and include in the autoexec.bat:

mscdex /d:cd /l:e

What this does is load the cd driver using the device loaded in config.sys and use drive letter e: as the mounth point.

The bootable diskette that Ghost created doesn’t include the oakcdrom.sys and mscdex.exe so you have to include it in the diskette before creating the bootable cd.

We’re halfway there, the next thing to do is to create a bootable cd using the diskette we just created. I’ve used Nero to create the bootable cd, it should be straight-forward, just make sure when ask to use which boot files to use, make sure to use the floppy we just created.