Git, big boss.

When I was starting my career in web development, the source code control we were using was Visual Source Safe. Partly because it was the easiest to use that we could find.

Shortly after finding out the limitations of Visual Source Safe, we switched to Visual SVN. The developers were happy making the switch. We were happy campers like the minions but something was still missing.

That’s when TFS took our attention. Our team was growing and so was the cost of licensing our developers with SVN. I was also learning new developers we bring on board are not keen with SVN but guess what? TFS.

So we were happy again, but something was still missing. We got caught up with the creating branches crossroad with TFS. It was more painful than standing on one leg and watching the Chicago Bears loose against the Packers.

Then Gru came along. And with that I meant Git. We found Big Boss!

Git just felt so natural for everyone in our team. We were using it like there’s no tomorrow. We have our senior developers playing the role of masters committing those critical changes to the master branch.

Creating branches was so fast developers were committing to them before the ink dry. Merging changes were also trivial. The features I love the most are cherry picking and switching branches.

In the production servers, our team moved away from creating backup files for rolling back. Staging changes before applying to production paved the way for stable environments.

I think development shops should have a solid source code control management process. Git should be part of the tools you should be evaluating if you don’t have one yet.

In the next post, I’ll share with you some best practices we use in-house to avoid some of the pitfalls of using Git.

If you made it this far, I’d like to share with you the .gitconfig we use heavily in our shop to improve productivity.

Here’s what I love the most:

This code compares the current branch log with the remote origin master branch. Great for comparing differences in the commits.

Enjoy. Hit me up with your comments.