RIP Ian Murdock #Debian Founder

Today is a sad day not only for the Open Source Community but for the whole humanity as well. Ian Murdock is the founder of Debian, the greatest Linux distribution ever.

I still recall the very first time I slide in my Debian Hamm cd  to install Linux back in the late 90’s. Dpkg was the package manager back then and I remember struggling with it.

From that point on, my view of the operating system has changed and my Linux education started.

Dig now Curl

You’re a developer yeah or an engineer maybe?  If you answer yes to any of this, you’ve probably used dig or it’s web equivalent  And if you are into examining HTTP headers, you’ve probably used curl as well.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there’s also a web interface to help you examine headers of your web applications? Let me be the first to tell you that there’s a new site called which actually allows you to do that.

I hope you find this tidbit of information helpful. Enjoy.

Hello you!

Hello and welcome. I have started writing again. I will be sharing whatever I think is useful for humanity – to be read as developers. I have started putting my thoughts on paper/wiki and I thought why not start writing again.

So here we are.

Posting from my Blackberry

This is just a sample post using email to post to blogger.

Important News:

Visual 2008 RTM has been released
MVC Framework for to be released next week according to Scott G.
LINQ (Language Query Language) has been released as part of .Net Framework 3.5

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Is iPhone worth the $3000+ in 2 years?

Yes, that’s right, in two years if you buy the $599 iPhone with the $99 monthly payment plan. I was telling my co-worker, if iPhone came out 10 years ago, I would have gotten it in a heartbeat without doing the math. With the cost of living in here in the states, I don’t see the cost justifying the need for an iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple products, I switched back in 2004 and my loyal 12″ powerbook is still chugging along really well.

NoteForm, my own post-it note application for Windows

I have always been looking for something like a post-it note in Windows and none has really measured up to what I’m looking for so I decided to write one.

Hopefully, other people will find this app helpful in keeping track of their notes.

You can download it here


WindowsXP SP2 (I haven’t tried it with any other version of Windows)
.Net Framework 2.0 runtime
Microsoft Jet 4.0 Database Engine


Widgets I like

The most recent addition I did to my widgets is the Google maps and SysStat. Google maps widget allows me to put in an address and it will give me the graphical location of the address. I can also view the locations satellite images. SysStat gives me system resources information such as drive space, memory and network usage as well as the top 4 processes sorted by cpu usage.

Google Map Widget

SysStat Widget

Spotlight, replacement for Launchbar?

Maybe now you’ve heard about Dashboard? There was news months ago that Dashboard copied the idea of Konfabulator, maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not.

There’s another application called Launchbar out there that’s pretty slick. Launchbar allows us keyboard users to launch applications using just our keyboards. I’ve been playing around with Spotlight and it came to me that hey, this Spotlight can be used instead of Launchbar. Spotlight is Launchbar in adrenaline.

That’s all for now. More Tiger discovery to come.